Add ambiance and charm to any room with these exquisite and inspirational light boxes.  These
uniquely, so the customer  designed light boxes offer various finishes and feature an inspirational
message that is interchangeable.  Each light box and quote insert is sold separately, so the customer
can choose their favorite message....or two...change out the message for different occasions or for a
new inspiration.     
Light Box insert
Paragraph Title Here (What We Offer)
The light box panels easily slide into the  of the open lid of the box.  The light is easily snapped into
the back opening of the box
. Here are just a few of the wonderfully done panels.
The light boxes retail for $45.00 and the panel inserts retail for $12.50

The lid of the Light Box  is hinged and allows it to stay open .  This make it possible to drop in
plants or fresh flowers for a beautiful and meaningful expression as a memorial or a special  gift.
light box insert panels
9 3/4 x71/2
everyday sample
Memorial  Light Box
A Country Rose
Wine  Gift  Flower Shop
silk flowers or even real plants.  The boxes are one of our most popular
memorial tributes.
We have a lot of different panels that can fit into the box