Plant s
Non toxic plant list
Below is a list of plants that are considered to be good or
Symptoms from eating or handling small amounts of these
plants are unlikely to occur.   However, some individuals  my be
more sensitive or react differently to any of these plants.
REMEMBER, any plant may cause unexpected problems.  
This includes choking. Always check with the poison center if a
plant is eaten.

Abelia                                                    Hawthorne                            
African Daisy                                        Hens & Chicks                     
African Violet                                        Hibiscus                                    
Air Fern                                                  Impatiens                                   
Aluminum Plant                                   Jade Plant                                  
Asparagus Fern                                  Japanese Aralia                        
Aster                                                      Kalanchoe                                  
Baby's Breath                                       Lipstick Plant                             
Baby Tears                                           Maidenhair  Fern                       
Bachelor Button                                   Magnolia Bush   
Bamboo                                                Marigold  
Begonia (except Sand Begonia)      Mountain Ash
Bleeding Heart Vine                           Nasturtium   
Bloodleaf Plant                                    Parlor Palm    
Boston Fern                                         Patient Lucy         
Bromeliad                                             Peperomia  
Bougainvillea                                       Petunia   
Butterfly Tulip                                       Phlox  
Cactus, Christmas                             Piggyback Plant   
Camellia                                               Polka Dot Plant    
Chinese Evergreen                            Prayer Plant  
Coleus                                                  Pregnant Plant   
Columbine                                           Purple Passion    
Corn Plant                                            Rose   
Croton (Codiaeum)                            Schefflera  
Creeping Charlie                                Snapdragon
Dahlia                                                    Snake Plant
Dandelion                                             Snowball Bush
Dionaesa Muscipula                          Spider Plant
Dracaena                                              Spider Aralia
Easter Lily                                             Staghorn Fern
Elm Tree                                               Swedish Ivy
Eugenia                                                Sword Fern                     
False Aralia                                          Tiger Lily
Fittonia, red                                           Umbrella Tree
Forsythia                                                Velvet Plant        
Friendship Plant                                   Wandering Jew
Fucshia                                                  Wild Onion
Gardenia                                                Yucca
Gloxinia                                                   Zebra Plant
Goldfish Plant                                        Zinni, creeping
Grape Ivy
Blooming and
green plants
for all